Kemetics Against Kemetic Orthodox/House of Netjer

Speaking our concerns about the Kemetic Orthodox and House of Netjer

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Kemetics speaking their concerns about the Kemetic Orthodox/House of Netjer
There are those of us who find something very, very wrong about the Kemetic Orthodox. We rant about it privately, usually hidden behind friends-only filter, yet never speak up in defense of ourselves, our rights to believe as we do, and against the abuse many have suffered at the hands of the Kemetic Orthodox and House of Netjer's leaders and higher-ups.

This is a sanctuary for those who wish to make it so. We will offer support where we can, and will help you speak up for what we all believe.

This community is moderated not on its membership, but on its posts. We are not here to start a flame war. We are here to speak out about our concerns about this very cultish temple that has been causing a lot of trouble for many who are afraid to speak out. Anyone is allowed to join, but all posts will be reviewed by a moderator before becoming public. If you wish for your post to be marked members/friends-only, you need to state so in the post!

NOTE TO KEMETIC ORTHODOX/HOUSE OF NETJER MEMBERS: I apologize to members of the KO/HON who may be offended by the mere existance of this community. It is not the members themselves who have caused the need for this community, but the administration of the KO/HON, primarily the "Nisut." Seeing a need for this community, I have decided to open it. If you don't like it, you need to contact me personally. You can do so at the email address displayed for this community. It is made available to everyone and anyone who wishes to contact me.

Membership is open to Kemetics and those of other religious and spiritual beliefs as well. I knew that many of those who would be joining this community would be of a Kemetic religious background, thus the reason why it is entitled "Kemetics Against Kemetic Orthodox/House of Netjer" rather than any other group or "Anyone Against..." because, let's face it, that just sounds goofy.

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