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31 July 2009 @ 03:59 pm
Some More Interesting Things I've Found  

Every now and again I get possessed to run a Google search and enter fun words. Often it helps me keep awake at the office when otherwise I'd be passed out at my keyboard! Anyway, I wanted to share two things I discovered yesterday that really would be relevant here...

The exact nature of the HoN's 'Nisut' is a debated and controversial topic. But read this link:


This is hymn written to Tamara Siuda by a member. I beg of people, turn off the rhetoric and explanations for a minute and answer me this: if House members don't worship their Nisut, why do they have a hymn devoted to her?

If that's not enough, I found a picture elseweb of a House member's kid who'd been rootnamed--meaning, given a name based on what's supposed to be the deity of the day they were born on--as Nisutemheb. Yes, "Nisut is in feast".

And she's not a god?

Then, why?