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19 September 2008 @ 05:35 pm
On the Divination of Parentage  
Okay. I can overlook the whole thing about them borrowing the Rite of Parent Divination from Vodou. That much is not that important..

What gets me is the fact that often Ms. Siuda gets it wrong if she ever has to divine someone who already knows but doesn't mention Who claims them. Sure, sometimes she makes a lucky guess and gets it right. But who's to say that her "divinations" are right if the person doesn't know themselves to Whom they belong?

These are the Neteru we're talking about after all. Almost every single one of Them is highly possessive. If They claim you, there is usually one of two ways They're going to let you know. They are either going to walk up to you (perhaps with a clue-by-four in hand) and make it very clear, "Mine." Or They are going to use one of Their priests to walk up to you (probably still with clue-by-four in hand) and make it very clear, "Mine."

You don't have to have someone else to tell you which God has claim on you. If you don't already know yourself, then it probably means you aren't ready to know. There is something within you that is conflicting with Their claim, and They will wait patiently until you overcome that before approaching you.

So, in short, LISTEN TO YOUR GODS!

That is all.

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tut2k9tut2k9 on September 22nd, 2008 08:30 pm (UTC)
I have heard members trying to convince me to join swear up and down, "Oh, I've NEVER heard of somebody not getting their correct Parents in divination." Their insistence alone was enough to raise a red flag to me. Then I met someone else online who DID get their divination cast wrong, and even caught crap from members afterward because they basically told her she had no 'right' to worship a Netjer that wasn't in her divination.
This all amounts to control. It's stripping down someone's ability to grow and seek for themselves. And it's wrong.